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Chief Possibility Officer

Prepare 4 More
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Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Business Consulting

Personal customization and guidance to expand exposure and profits quickly to help your business… both professionally and financially.

Life Coaching

Life changing discoveries such as defining an individual’s purpose, vision, goals and how to achieve them on a daily, weekly, monthly and life-long basis

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

In 1988 I was already successful. I was running a $72 million office for Eastman Radio in New York City. I was making big money especially for an Aspen ski bum without a college education. I used to joke with my college educated friends that I was making more than them and I could ski better too! However, I didn’t feel successful. There is a difference between being successful and feeling successful. They say that 80% of success is showing up. If so, what is 100% of success? It’s showing up each day, on time with a Purpose, Vision, Actionable Goals and a Irrational Willingness to Succeed.

I started this process in the fall of 1988. Prepare 4 More is about 32 plus years of working and learning and revising the process. Come discover the Process with me. Peter Remington.

Early in my career when I would come upon a difficult task I would find myself pacing in my office with my hands in my pockets and looking down at the floor searching for the solution to my problem. At times I would stare out my window at the office building across the street see another business person doing the exact same thing. One day I looked up from my window and saw a plane overhead, “that’s where I need to be!” I need to be searching for my answers in the sky…but that wasn’t high enough and the moon was already accomplished so I then looked at the stars!

Leadership is a series of interruptions, interrupted by, more interruptions. No wonder why there is burn out, fatigue, anxiety, poor decision making, anger and long hours in a leaders/manager/entrepreneur/persons life. There isn’t enough time to stop and see through all the noise. Gandhi once said, I am so busy today that I will have to meditate twice as long. Give me 22 minutes of your time and let’s discover together a treasure map for your business or life that will take you from possibility to profitability.

Discover how to unlock your full potential.

Define your purpose, vision, goals and how to achieve them.

Achieve faster growth, greater profits, and an exceptional quality of life.

Get the coaching you need to further expand your potential.

Why do you say the sky is the limit… when there are foot prints on the moon. Let’s shoot for the stars!

Looking for Professional Help That’s Affordable?

Are you tired of doing it alone when it comes to building your business or personal life?

Do you spend countless hours attempting to generate leads, attract new clients and increase your revenue and profits… but see very little in the way of results?

Have you finally made the decision it’s time to get help from a true professional who does this every day… does it successfully… and has a proven track record for making millions for businesses just like yours?

Coaching is NEVER an expense. It’s one of the smartest investments any growth-minded individual will ever make when it comes to building a successful life or business.

Services Offered:

Keynote Speaker
Luncheon Speaker
Motivational Speaker
Team Building
Sales Trainer
Career Advice
Career Builder
Dream Builder
Business Coach
Mission Statements
Management Coach
Management Trainer

Let me take you from Possibility to Probability to Predictability to Profitability.

My intent in life is to achieve my Highest Human Potential so that I may help others achieve theirs. My purpose is to bring to light the truth that everyone from teens to seniors has their own screenplay to act out and can rewrite any scene that doesn’t suit them. My purpose in life is to vibrate at the highest level allowed by God.